About Linda

The youngest of her family’s fifth generation to hail from the wolverine state, Linda Elliott grew up in the woody suburbs of southeastern Michigan, at a time when kids had a bowl of cereal first thing in the morning, jumped on their bikes and didn’t come home until dark.

She read and wrote a lot under the big backyard elms where she dreamt of writing as a profession. After the family moved to Arizona, she wrote for The Phoenix Gazette during high school and eventually moved to California where she married her own romantic hero and soul mate, Robert.

Now back under the colorful Arizona sunsets, Linda Elliott has created web sites, crafted blog posts and web content for ten years. She has worked with community organizations and has written for Examiner.com, The Rancher magazine, eHow.com and contributed to The West Texas Children’s’ Aid Society: A History.

Since attending Northern Arizona University where she studied writing and journalism, she has worked in marketing and business finance coordination in addition to writing.

Currently, she works out of her home where she lives with her husband, three sons, two cats and one very goofy German Shepherd mix.

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