Celebrate With Research!

I used to work in administration, and I love research so I wanted to take a look at this “National...

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25 Sep 2019

American Business Woman’s Day

Mary Katherine Goddard - an 18th Century American Businesswoman Born in Connecticut in 1738, she was a printer, publisher and...

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22 Sep 2019

Who was the Author of…

Think back to first grade: did you read My Little Red Story Book or My Little White House? Read on!...

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20 Sep 2019


The Detroit Free Press first reported baseball game was played on August 15, 1857 when the Franklin Baseball Club, a...

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01 Apr 2019

About the Author

Linda Elliott and her first cousin found each other and re-connected their mothers - who were sisters separated by adoption 69 years before. This spurred Linda's interest in family history.

Today she researches her maternal family: the Denton, Eads, Harp & Plumlee families of Tennessee and Kentucky in the late 19th century.
Linda's paternal grandfather was a potato farmer turned professional and personal buyer for Henry Ford. This grandfather raised his family in Michigan - resulting in Linda growing up in the southeastern part of the Mitten State.
In childhood, Linda was close to her paternal grandmother whose family history she would enjoy learning - and who influenced many memories.

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